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While the fuselage was on display, from towork continued on the remaining unrestored components. No one measures aircraft altitudes in meters, it's always done, around the world, in feet, so that all pilots and controllers are talking the same language, to avoid confusion. See the investigation subpage This has been done to remove User: While the pop culture section is useful, I think it can also become cluttered with things that don't have any relation to the article. Here is what I am referring to: Since they just edit based on the IP address, it does make working with them more difficult.

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There are three categories of possible additions, one of which requires keeping the item, one which could go either way, and one of which requires discarding the item.

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P Enola Gay Crew Members ". On the flight, Enola Gay's rear gunner Bob Caron made a smart guess and asked Tibbetts, 'Colonel, are we splitting atoms today? If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the project and see lists of open tasks and task forces.

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Just in case anyone wonders why I care, I have a personal connection to this article.

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