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Most of their other letters were destroyed. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them. If you want him to be gay—if it makes you smile to think of the man as a closeted pioneer of equal rights—go for it. There is only circumstantial evidence, diluted by circumstantial alibis: A little exploring will give you the answer. And if jocks calling nerds gay counts as evidence, then Thanksgiving dinner is going to be particularly awkward this year. JB was engaged to the daughter of the richest dude in Pennsylvania.

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People talked funny eight score and six years ago, and those quotes could easily be as innocent as you missing Billy the summer he went to Space Camp.

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Was James Buchanan The First Gay President? Why Some Historians Think So

Buchanan claimed to be all torn up inside, though he flirted with other ladies throughout his life. Faithful readers of this column will recall that the current president is black. Most of their other letters were destroyed. Buchanan was fussy and neat. But there is no proof.

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And there are other ways to explain his bachelorhood. If Tom Cruise, with two smoking-hot wives and numerous babies, is as gay as the day on Teegeeack is long, why not James Buchanan? Some point to his close relationship with William Rufus King as a good indication. He lived with another bachelor. Pack a sandwich and your modern stereotypes and get to his Pennsylvania home! Then read about the president who wanted to journey to the center of the Earth.