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Is that a tractor? That is why Blake probably wants it to disappear. If Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield's—um—bromance seems like it came out of left field, that's because it did. Why did he squirt himself until his shirt was completely soaked? The two reminisced about a vacation they took to Tijuana a couple of years ago. And even while hiding away in Utah, in a cute little gazebo, the two were not alone. Those cheeks

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Literal brownie points.

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First off, it brings up questions: This dog wants the world to know that Ryan is as great as we think! Ryan is able to play characters like Deadpool.

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In the clip, Reynolds and O'Brien reenacted the movie's famous kissing scene complete with torrential downpourthe actor and the TV host, wearing drag of course, dramatically embracing and smashing their faces together for a ridiculous make out session after reciting lines from the film.

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