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Previous Bruno Mars Straight or Gay? I know I'm late in the game, but Anderson Cooper is a god! I just can't do anyting more with a slim man than suck him off once or twice well at least I'm not THAT discriminatory! He has a wonderful on air presence and is easy on the eyes. He's too old for me, plus I don't go for homophobic a-holes. His pecs have been admired by many in the steam room at the gym. Their morning program on the weekends is insufferable.

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Fellas, for your information, this is average, okay?

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Rob Marciano Bio

Posted by DBillyP She's a constant chatterbox, a mic hog. Yeah, the the magic is definitely gone. Confirmed, he is still extremely hot. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. This Week's Issue Print Archives.

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Have you seen, today, how his shirt is unbuttonned just enough to tease?!? Marciano has called Anderson a fag behind his back more than once. Read the comments on that blog. Jumbo pictured on the far right. John King killed it. There are photos and videos to prove it.

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