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I am not responding to a parcel of non-sequiturs and references to things I did not write, or distortions of things I did. Is a man paralyzed from the waist down not selfish and not really in love when he marries a woman? As a parent, I too am flawed and not everything I try to teach will even be presented in the most effective way, or without my own flawed understanding. How do you know it was that god and not one of the many millions of the other gods that people claim to exist? An argument is merely a point to what you are saying. What has the Middle Ages also got to do with this?

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This is true, but it remains our duty to protect their innocence as long, and with as much vigilance as we can.

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The attraction is rooted in the experiences of their life and their perceptions of those experiences. Prove that they abuse kids any more so than heterosexuals do. According to the Bible, homosexuality is immoral. Wendell Pierce, who plays Bunk, he called me last night.

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You have chosen to side with homosexuals and reject Christians.

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