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It has been unsuccessfully cited in order to ban the Gay Pride parade in[31] and in[32] and successfully referenced to declare one advertisement related to the Vilnius Gay Pride as appropriate to be broadcast at night time only and with the adult content logo. News videos. Robert Fisk. Janet Street-Porter. Meetings take place monthly in an unmarked apartment, so as not to incur the wrath of neighbours and others. However, what I often encounter in gay culture is sex cult.

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They were visited not only by locals — some homosexual partygoers came from expats, living in Riga or Vilnius. People, I do advise not to show off in anyway, cuz it's the city I was born in and do believe me when I say it's one of the most racist cities in the world when it comes to exposing yourself. Did an earring help to find other members of your community? The underground community is beginning to grow and better organise itself.

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The main Law ensuring equality and non-discrimination — the Law on Equal Treatment — came to power inprohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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