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I am a very strong faith filled Christian and God has definitely had me learning how to forgive Amd have mercy and grace. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. More Like This. We entered our marriage with our eyes wide open knowing life was not going to be easy. Struggling to meet the right person and have a relationship that clicks for the long haul? The offender also needs to be able to see himself through her eyes. This is what comes of our culture's bi-sexual erasure and the need to place people in clean little boxes instead of making the attempt to understand from the other person's point of view.

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Except for the occasional exposure of some high-profile individuals, these men are virtually invisible.

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Hardly a word in this article about their married sex life. Long story short, he was caught in voyeuristic activities in the male restroom at his place of work, accused of abusing his male relatives and caught naked with his male friend who served as the best man in our wedding. Sex Addiction

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And the baby was very sick.

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