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Acqua Di Gio by Armani is pretty good too. My world is rather colourful. The best smelling man in our life is hands down Jonny McGovern. Cursing the day Banana Republic stopped producing Modern. Thats the first frag that came to my mind although I didn't even try Le Male.

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I mean, it DID have gay inspiration.

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How to Smell Good 101: Cologne & Perfume Guide for Queers

The scent is "Ten by Intense". Unless alcohol counts because apparently drinking a lot of whiskey makes you smell flammable and I came home smelling like that a couple weeks ago. So that perfume reminds me of being ok. It also just feels like a simple, easy-to-wear cologne, which I really like. Perfume might be my favourite thing EVER. I used to be really obsessed with the natural perfume oils at Black Phoenix Alchemy Labwhich are handmade and unisex and delicious.

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My absolute favourite I found was Chanel Bleu, its similar to Allure Homme but more fruity, less obnoxious and more sophisticated I suppose. There have been times when threads were created that were far from harmless and far from innocent, and rightly so a large debate came out of it and, I think, the threads eventually got deleted. I once sat next to a guy on the train who had this amazing old leather jacket on that was so musky and masculine smelling. I've seen dead people not like in 6th sense and at a quick glance, it looks like a dead person's eyes. Start to finish, I wear Axe Phoenix. I tend to lean slightly masculine with scents, so Pirate Bay is my favorite. This is sort of making me want to buy it again.

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