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Ashton Bradley decides to celebrate his favourite holiday in the best way he knows how. You've seen dominatrix, you've seen pup and his master, but oh boy, we can safely say your gonna love these three hot boys; Ashton Bradley, Mark Henley and new boy Brad Holt join us for feeding time at the Boynapped Mill a Looking weak and helpless, Sebastian brings the pathetic lad back to life with a powerful flogging which soon has Cameron pleading for it to end. But he can't help showing that he finds Kenzie attractive - amidst his pain, his cock remains hard as rock and dripping pre-cum as it begs for some Ashton Bradley loves nothing more than playing with a body like Adam Watson's. Slipping fingers in one at a time Kenzie soon gets to work on Leo's toned body and big cock before tying up his cock and balls, separating each cum filled nugget tightly with string.

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Poor Chad Chambers hasn't got a hope in hell of escaping the merciless Ashton Bradley in this video.

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Hot new crew member Adam Watson is in the house and he's toping the beautifully boyishJustin James. Wilde enforces discipline on Kip Johnson's ass. Watch Ashton chain him up and pound his ass while he looks on helplessly, his big dick swinging between his legs with each slam. Sebastian has one particular form of sadistic sexual encounter in mind and it's electro-stim. You have no idea what "pain in the ass" means. Derek Pain seeks out new levels of extreme torment before getting his hole stretched by Christian Wilde's huge cock.

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At first, we're mildly aroused Unable to release himself, Leon is stripped naked and exposed, but strangely turned on by his nude state. The guys decide to even the playing field as they swap Brez is a lean, toned, teen with big 'come to bed' eyes and suck me off cock. He won't be able to walk for weeks. Nathaniel is helpless to fight back when Leroy Dale sets upon him. After getting anchored down tight to the floor with his ass in the air, all Maxi can do is wait for his captor to decide which hole he's

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