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Gay male companionship to go weightless and carefree To be loved is one kind of joy. Different categories of male escorts; bisexual, straight, gay, transgender, are promoted without bias and you can be sure that no matter which category you settle for, you will not be sidelined. A huge consideration at The Male Escort Agency is your privacy. We have male escorts to cater to all areas and sexualities, so please take a good browse. We have made sure that every male companion on the website has been personally evaluated and is more than able to put you at your ease right from the beginning with discretion being key. You get to meet new and interesting people, visit some great places and make a living all at the same time. Male workers tend to be ignored, perhaps largely because they are less visible to mainstream society.

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If your application is successful your payment will be required to be made by paypal or bank transfer too our business account.

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‘I just thought it would be a fun experience’: Woman who paid £1,700 for sex says she’d do it again

There is, though, another much more pertinent reason for a true evaluation and measurement of prostitution in the UK: The narrative often focuses around the need to regulate female sex workers and forgets about their male counterparts. Not to worry, the male escort agency has a support system that helps to resolve some of the challenges faced by their male escorts and clients alike. They will get a few hints which no other male escort agency in the UK provides to their clients. Yet last month, statistics released by data collecting website Import. It is a reality and governments need to recognise the changing face of the sex industry as a result of e-technology and broader acceptance of sexualities.

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The bitter experience many male escorts have had in the past is that they fall into the trap of agencies that are after their own. The website is open to men of all ages. Most people have never booked a male escort and think the whole experience will be daunting. We also wanted to ensure that the rates charged for their time spent with you are realistic and transparent. Recognition of this large group of workers — from the Josh Brandons to the men out on the street — is the very first step in providing appropriate regulation and support. Gay male companionship to go weightless and carefree To be loved is one kind of joy.

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