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I didn't hear you. Ben hissed in a breath, panting as he watched Kevin's finger move in and out of him. Eh, whatever," he leaned in a took a whiff off it, "Mmm! Did the fact that kissing Ben had made his heart pound and his mouth go dry mean that he was gay? The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Because I don't like girls!

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But where could they possible go from here? Ben gave out a long moan of pleasure as Kevin dived down on him, mouth seizing mouth, while one spanner-wielding hand gripped bruisingly on a thigh and the other tore at Ben's belt. It's just…" Ben groaned and grabbed a fluffy-pillow, slipping it between his butt and Kevin's groin, blushing when Kevin just laughed and pressed a kiss to his temple, lifting his hands to rub Ben's neck and shoulders to try to relive some of his tension. He rolled onto his back, pulling Ben with him so that he was on top, smiling up at him. Kevin nodded, removing his hand and pulling back to remove Ben's boxers, followed by his own, his cheeks turning slightly-pink as Ben's eyes fastened to his cock with a hungry look. D Happy Valentines Day of !

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Just how long exactly have you wanted me? I'll have it ready by then. You're one of the most sappy, hero-guys that I know. Just hold still before you bleed to death. After the whole explanation, Kevin had sat back on his chair, staring at the brunette sitting shocked on his bed where he had, against his bad-boy nature, rested the hero and mumbling to himself in awe.

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