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Then out and clear up the bath, but everything away and hang my thong on the radiator to dry. My panties getting drenched and I'm still pissing from the thrust of my didlo, soon enough though it starts to dry up from the water and I begin to feel released so slow down before removing the cock from my ass again, I squat down pull my thong back across my ass and open my cheeks up letting the final flow of piss dribble out my arse and through my panties. I pull of my didlo and spin round facing the mirror and pull apart my ass cheeks and flex my muscles until the creamy mixture runs out abit looking like I've been cream pied, which I always fantasize about, then back over to the dildo thrusting hard again to the tempo of the porn. I'm sure to be doing that again. My usual days go pretty much the same, I wake up for work in my cute little thong panties I wear to bed, keep them on and get my work clothes over the top, then off to work, the whole time leaving just the frilly trim of my thong sticking above the waist strap of my boxes, so if my tshirt were to ride up someone would see them, this always keeps me horny, especially if I bend down and the ride up my back some more revealing even more of my thong.

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I'm sure to be doing that again.

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So I drag it out and strip back down to just my thong again but wait, no lube? Before washing myself down still in my thong giving that a good clean too. And since then I have not masterbated any other way so have not cum, this keeps me real horny so I have been wearing panties since sunday too. And with my sense of care free I let it go more and piss through my panties again and down my legs. Then my mind wanders and gets kinkym lying down on my bed I start searching for piss porn and piss fucking and gay piss fuckingthere's so hot threads about guys talking about getting there lovers to piss in there ass. So I keeped myself worked up until about 2 o'clock and then I head to the toilets.

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As he's sorting him self I head back to my room to try and find some kind of lube. I start ragging myself harder and faster, piss slopping about in my ass and leaking out down my legs, my cock encased in its wet pink thong, pretty much now continually flowing pee out now into my panties. Wow what a night, just thinking about it now makes me so horny and hard, think my panties are getting wet from the pre cum. So I wait until my dad leaves, lock up again and head back to my bedroom and stipp back to my thong again, where I get out an old durex lube tube that's empty. My ass gets so sloppy with a beige creamy mixture of lube and my anal juices. Here's how it went

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