Burundi views on gays

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Intwo lesbians were briefly arrested and subsequently released. Sexual orientation discrimination protection through human rights institute. The report says US Christian groups seek to influence politics in Africa, as well as limiting women's rights. LGBT rights in Burundi. Mormon, Baptist and Catholic groups are cited as sponsors of anti-gay bills, described as mirroring old colonial ties.

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Up to 2 years imprisonment.

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Burundi LGBTI Resources

Current status since Mar 18, The vast majority of Burundians live in rural areas. Theresa MayBrexitUnited Kingdom. Several weeks ago Barack Obama embraced gay marriage — the first sitting US president to support gay rights. LGBT employment discrimination in Burundi?

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Same-sex marriage in Burundi? A report released this week by the progressive group, Political Research Associates, says that several Christian evangelicals have been lobbying for homophobic laws and policies in Africa. This report, which includes photographs and the stories of young gay Burundians, makes incredibly powerful reading, and I would strongly recommend it. Burundi, Malawi and Nigeria all have anti-gay laws. I love Burundi and I'm desperate to go back.