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I'm a twentysomething considering a year in Berlin. I also remember the lengthy arguements Klaus and I had at the beginning of our relationship, when we had to stop to look the word up: I'm glad you understood it the way I meant it: That is why I am on this site. Although I agree that there are many great places in the city and that it is a tolerant place to live, I think your take on Schoeneberg is simplistic, unfair and a more than a bit judgmental.

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From experience, no matter how fast or slow, it is always too fast.

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Maybe you are coming on a bit strong? Posted 2 Aug I am good, i need body busy to carry me along I am good. I am looking for a man aged 30 years. And heaven forbid we like to even go for a beer now and then in Schoeneberg!

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The problem I see is when this behavior becomes habitual and and carries on through their 30s, 40s, 50s and yeah, 60s. I actually supposed last night in my drunken state in Villa Rixdorf that Berlin is just trying to re-live the 20's where it was "anything goes". Very kind, cultured, generous, open-minded and thoughtful people, who are also at the centre of a multinational, multicultural milieu with friends and contacts from all over the world, gay or otherwise. I like humor smiles cleanliness listen to music Science X - Gib Deinen Standort ein. It is normally held at Perlebar in Prenzlauerberg and is a predominantly English native speaker crowd, but there are also lots of English speaking Germans and people from other places that go there too.

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