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Video loudwire retrieved People who it wouldnt have neard no children. It seems like if I were young and I liked some girl band, I would write about hetero things, things that I could fantasize about? Loading comments… Trouble loading? I also enjoy being able to tell stories that are entertaining, real and have a powerful message of change behind them. Imagine people who have dealt with discrimination their entire lives singing in unison. Is it drunk, is it gay?

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Can different perspectives on religion and politics build instead of divide?

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Ad Feature Kym Marsh, 43, was 'in floods of tears' when her daughter revealed she'd paid tribute to star's late son Archie with her baby's middle name Irina Shayk and daughter Lea wear matching Burberry dresses on girls' day out The following year, record label Nitro signed A. But my heart was still mine. Kate's tribute to Diana:

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Are there any other types of entertainment that you think you might like to delve into, besides writing and music?

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