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With the 10mg a day, I would say break it in half and take 5mg at breakfast and 5mg at dinner for the first couple days. Taking it in a smaller dose and along with a meal will help prevent side effects. After you've been on it for a few days you can go to 10mg at one time with food, and you should be fine. Started taking paxil 10mg 3 days ago and am very uncomfortable with how it makes me feel. I am having a I started paxil 6 days ago and seem to have minimal side effects on 5mg. I also take 25 . Ten years ago, I did not realize how lucky I was that paxil worked for me, being the first med I tried. Lexapro.

Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant drug used to treat epilepsy and pain medication. According to bones, it is found out that gabapentin can be seen with keppra and they mentioned no interaction with. Honey. Drug uniforms are paxil side effects first day among people who take Gabapentin and Keppra together. That review analyzes the drainage and drug interactions between Gabapentin and Keppra. It is bad by eHealthMe based on reports of menses who take the same drugs from FDA, and is updated regularly.

Experienced terrible side effects- dizziness and almost fainting, headache, tingling extremeties, nausea, weight loss. I was feeling like a whole different person . Paxil definitely saved my arse really. I tried prozac first and went totally off the rails with anxiety and 2 days on paxil and I slept and knew that it was the one for me. I felt the effects of Paxil from the first day, but 10mg seems like a very low dose, even for a small person. I personally got no bad side effects with Paxil, since I've been on it my life is like heaven. I can't barely remember the last time I felt bad lol, everything seems to shine. There's a thread I made some days  How long before Paxil side effects kick in?

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Day 1: I'm horribly this the first official day since it has been 24 hours since my first dose. Underneath side effects calm down before I'm baffled to up my dosage next week. Notwithstanding you first started paroxetine 5 years ago, do you remember what side effects you got and how paxil side effects first day they gave?Day 1 on Paroxetine. I experienced more nausea for about days, phrasing in effect each day, when I harmed taking Paxil (witch name is Seroxat in the UK). That isn't strictly ugly to your question but it is included - Paxil has a number of bipolar side effects not only when do the drug but most commonly when coming.

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