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10 Answers (question resolved) - Posted in: cymbalta, lexapro, depression, anxiety, pain - Answer: I was prescribed Cymbalta once a few years ago. Feeling AnxiousLess Severe; Feeling WeakLess Severe; GasLess Severe; Head PainLess Severe; Inability To Have An ErectionLess Severe; IndigestionLess Severe; Involuntary QuiveringLess Severe; ItchingLess Severe; Muscle SpasmLess Severe; Orgasm ProblemsLess Severe; Problem With EjaculationLess Severe.

Si el muscle pain cymbalta siente la presión para lograr una erección, será difícil conseguir una. Viagra no funciona. No salve la pena tomar Viagra y esperar mientras aparezca la erección. Influx que aparezca es necesaria la excitación sexual. Nota.

Has anyone found that Cymbalta increased muscle pain? I find that although it has been a benefit for anxiety, I swear my muscles are even more tense! Just increased the dose a few days ago and I feel like I got hit by a Mac truck!!! Anyone have this experience? Reply  Cymbalta side effects and withdrawal. Body aches or pain; cough; difficulty having a bowel movement (stool); dry mouth; ear congestion; frequent urination; headache; lack or loss of strength; loss of appetite; loss of voice; muscle aches; nausea; sleepiness or unusual drowsiness; sneezing; sore throat; stuffy or runny nose; sweating increased; trouble sleeping.

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