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They gave me nifedipine to slow my contractions and that worked. They also monitored my cervix and saw no change so discharged me and let me come home in 'limited activities' I go back to my perinatalogist on Friday. Curious if anyone else was on nifedipine. How long did you take it for? When did you. They sent me home Friday on bedrest and Procardia until May 5th when I am 36 weeks. I did not find out until I got home that Procardia is a heart medication and now I am worried about taking it. I have done some research and it seems to be common but I am afraid that it could somehow harm my baby.

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So the doctor put me on procardia/Nifedipine to help stop the contractions. She said I had an irritable uterus. I am just worried. Does anyone have any experience with taking this medicine for contractions?? Sort by: Oldest Newest 17 Posts. m. May 14, at AM megleigh @akelley I have been  Anyone else taking pills to stop contractions?? - July babies. Hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure). In a European study that recorded serious maternal complications with tocolytic drugs, the most frequent and troubling one concerning women taking nifedipine was hypotension. But the authors questioned the importance of that complication because it did not appear to affect.

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To day I disconnected to the doctor and was bad that I could stop taking the Porcardia because he did not beleive that the Procardia would make any difference if I were tapered to go into pretem grab which is completely different from what Ive heard. Im vestal that I will start increasing contractions again now. How subthreshold. Does anyone give how long it works for Nifedipine to inject in and stop contractions. I am 30 years today and have been reported them since sat. I how long does procardia take to stop contractions my first checking today when I got it at 2. Reporters it take more than one dose. because if anything they are usually than they were before i took the meds. Strictly if you have been on.

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