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I always thought it only helps with low progesterone if the reason for low prog. is not Oing? Secondly, should I really go in on It is my understanding as well that your progesterone will only be affected by Clomid if you weren't ovulating before but do ovulate with the Clomid. I've done Clomid twice now, and. I feel exactly what you say, I know I have low progesterone, too, but my ob won't do it yet either. This was my 3rd round of clomid, this being mg and the first 2 were 50mg. Where does your progesterone level stand? My wasn't extremely low before clomid, , but low enough to almost show I cannot.

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My OB said if my progesterone came back low they would start me on Clomid, but if I've had a baby before then I must ovulate. Does it make sense to put me on Clomid? I can't I've gotten pregnant without help (when we were actually using the pull out "method" lol) so I'm hoping I can again. I just feel like. First time clomid users with very low progesterone - posted in Trying to Conceive: Hi All, Would love some support and advice. This is all starting to make me so sad. Been trying for 7months and had tests done as my period was light. My progesterone on 2 cycles has been less then at 7 days before.

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