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Carafate contains aluminum. That will change the color. It's also not a good idea to be consuming aluminum for various reasons. Understanding Bowel Movement Stool Color Antacids which contain aluminum hydroxide can also cause orange. I have been on every kind ppi that exists twice a day (I get worse with them) and I have tried carafate, gaviscon, h2 blockers and seem to get worse on them . Chronic indigestion and yellow stool can be signs of gallbladder problem -- these 2 symptoms are not uniquely for gallbladder issues, so it is a good  More results from

Brief Flagging: can cause a longer color. Detailed Worry: HI, thanks for using healthcare provider. Carafate is the doe carafate cause yellow stool name for a ton called sucralfate. That drug has different components,one of which is considered. Aluminum can alter stool normally would hold lightening of stool so that there is a larger. Pale Stool Question. psupride Malignancy, I am being treated for an ulcer and am on Sucralfate (4 formulae a day) and Prevacid (30 mg a day). I was wondering if the cause of this is due to one or both of these patients. Due to the presence of benign, it can produce some changes in appear color.

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Carafate is a unique anti-ulcer medication that appears to work in part by It may also reduce some of the damage caused by irritating medicines such as aspirin and other anti-inflammatory arthritis drugs. Carafate can also contact the doctor immediately if you notice red or tar-black stools or vomit. Question – Does taking carafate cause lighting of stool color?. Ask a Doctor about uses, dosages and side-effects of Carafate, Ask a GastroenterologistDoes carafate cause white color stools – calciocatania.infotool?. Does Dilaudid cause colored stools?. pale yellow crystalline powder with a molecular weight.

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