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Corrects a phenytoin serum level for renal failure and/or hypoalbuminemia. Ca Correction for Albumin. Adjust phenytoin dosing based on values. The Winter-Tozer equation was developed to help clinicians estimate an unbound (free) phenytoin concentration based on a total phenytoin level and a serum albumin level. In patients with hypoalbuminemia, a corrected equation must be used to account for reduced phenytoin protein.

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The calculator for Phenytoin Total Drug Level (Adjusted for Hypoalbuminemia and Renal function) is used to adjust total phenytoin concentration. The parameters used in the calculation include phenytoin measured, renal Fx, and serum albumin. Corrected Phenytoin = Total Phenytoin Level / (( x albumin) + ). If clcr Corrected Phenytoin = Total Phenytoin Level / (( x albumin) + ) This is so cool! But why not just check a free phenytoin level instead? Print Friendly.

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Corrected correct dilantin calculator sat on serum albumin: (Correction discouraged on the Sheiner-Tozer Method: Adjusted phenytoin toxicity = Measured correct dilantin calculator concentration / [ ( x hunter) + ]). Dose needed to make level to therapeutic range if a sub-therapeutic physiologic is entered above. (Affections are based on a Vd of L/kg. Justifies Dilantin for albumin and adverse failure based on the Sheiner-Tozer Equation.

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