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Although the reccomended dose is 10 mg, my allergist says that there is no harm in taking more than that. He said the only real risk is that the higher dose is more likely to make you drowsy. I actually take two mg tablets as my regular dose. The only side effect that seems to be worse for me than with a. Zyrtec (cetirizine) dose: Yes, you can take more zyrtec (cetirizine) total per day if you tolerate it well. When patients have severe urticaria, we often have them take even more than 4 zyrtec (cetirizine) tablets daily. The initial studies with zyrtec (cetirizine) used doses of mg, or up to 4 tablets at a time Read more.

Følg altid lægens anvisning og oplysningerne på doseringsetiketten. Brug ikke Elocon. Hvis du er allergisk over for det. Elocon Bitte 0,1. 30 day Salve, Tube. Se større bilde. Dette er et reseptbelagt legemiddel og krever gyldig resept ved bestilling.

She has been taking one daily generic zyrtec for two years now. Does anyone here, or their child, take two a day? Does A "for example" here is OTC Prilosec -- It says loud and clear on the label to absolutely not take more than one a day, but that's half the strength of the original prescription medication. Cetirizine has a half-life of a week so it makes sense to take a loading dose of two tablets per day until effects come on, and then take a single tablet when the effects are wearing off, and if you carry on doing that, you may find you only need a tablet every 4–10 days. k Views. · Answer.

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