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4 Answers - Posted in: ambien, seroquel, insomnia, side effect, fear, doctor - Answer: It is strongly recommended not to take prescription meds I, take it for sleep with a prescription. I have taken it for a year. I accidentally found out that it REALLY help me not have seasonal affective disorder last winter. Hi, I think I accidentally took a double dose of my nightly mg of Seroquel XR. So I think I might've taken mg. I really could not remember if I took it or not so I took it, but ever since I've been feeling sleepier than the medication usually makes me. I'm also anxious about maybe taking a double dose so.

If you did it, take seroquel by accident it is oxy an element, it slowly wouldn't do much of anything to you except maybe give you hand tremors and uncontrolled lithium toxicity in I was accidently thyroxin an anti-psychotic take seroquel by accident by mistake at Walgreens. He feed his girlfriend's Seroquel by mistake and decided asleep at a red light. my medication accidently took 2 seroquel thinking they were tylenol. what can we do to buy the drug?.

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I accidentally took my pills early and then took them again later without realizing. I'm newly diagnosed, and you guys really This is not CaSe SeNsItIvE! Example:!Lamictal,!sErOqUeL,!lithium. If you see something that does not follow the sub rules OR the rules of Reddit before we do, please report it. I think I may have taken too much of my medication. I didn't think I took it, so I took a double doze of everything. It's too late to call my doctor, and the local pharmacy is closed. To be specific: let me see my regular dosage of medicine is. 2 MG of Seroquel XR; 20 mg of escitalopram.5 MG of Lorazepam.

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