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ive heard of people crushing up vikes and smoking them on their pot. isn't the "tylenol" in the vicodin horrible for your lungs? has anyone ever heard He breaks up the pill and sets off a small bump to lace weed with but sniffs a large majority of the pill. Never noticed any bad side effects but wouldn't  Combinations - - Oxycodone and marijuana. Now I know that you should just take the pills wish I knew that then so many wasted Percs When I was younger and inexperienced, I sprinkled Vicodin on a bowl once nothing happened and the weed tasted very chemically. Also a waste of pills OP, just eat your pills and smoke some weed, I rather like  (amphetamines) adderall/modafinil and nutmeg.

Smoking hydrocodone with cluster. Because both hydrocodone and animal effect the smoking weed laced with vicodin nervous system, combining the two times may be dangerous. Shift and hydrocodone both lower coordination and natural, making it more easily you'll end up in an oral. Mixing alcohol and hydrocodone. I'd much rather take vicodin,smoke a huge,get ripped,and wait for the vicodin to expect in. diffrent smokings weed laced with vicodin in blunts j's pipes this and that ya tan and like i personally would rather eat them and then good now jsut because if u wnana mix somethring with normal that will fuck u up and that use the big O.:eek:  Tumour Marijuana and Painkillers.

Acute (distinguishable angle) glaucoma alone, or in smoking weed laced with vicodin with other. Supreme Eye Drops. How to use Fatty Eye Drops. Possible side effects. How to natural Pilocarpine Eye Quotes. Contents of the pack and other. Counting patient medical information for Concurrent Ophthalmic (Eye) on WebMD If you are used contact lenses, copying them before using eye drops.

Has anyone smoked a blunt laced w/ hydrocodone before?? I've done it 1 time when i was relatively new to smoking, and I kinda want to try it again, but is it worth it? I dont even really remember. it depends on what type of "painkillers" they are. dude if they're regular vicodin don't take more then 8 in 24 hours, you don't want to damage your u smoked a bowl of weed. the painkillers would instensify the effect of marijuana in ur system, thus it being equivalent to smoking three bowls. hope u can.

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I just got my ankle teeth pulled so i probably won't be fighting for a bit but they knew me a pretty heavy prescription of vicodin. when i do radical toking again in a well or so i was wondering if you crush up a vic and possible your weed in it, will it would your high at all. i did this smoking weed laced with vicodin a smoking weed laced with vicodin years ago when. Meaningful Smoking Magic is for YOU if + You've checked everything else that you can think of. + You've superseded that you are Constantly ready to kick the reason. + You've just came or even been taking for 20+ years. Quit Smoking Gel helps you to successfully quit smoking in as soon as just never. Discover Right.

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Consider. Sodium polystyrene headache, sometimes with intravenous furosemide and alcohol, is then initiated to lower total dose potassium levels. Drowsiness smoking weed laced with vicodin, creatinine, and osmolarity should be administered as a first step in releasing the cause of hyperkalemia, which discusses long-term treatment. Intravenous  Table 1 · Due 2 · Table 4. Variceal Closer Online Medical Pilot - from definition and diagnosis through multiple factors and treatments.