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3 Answers - Posted in: seizures, parkinson's disease, primidone - Answer: I couldn't find a review made by anyone using primidone in Parkinson's. His specialties include Parkinson's disease, movement disorders, dystonia, botulinum toxin injection for dystonia, and medical treatment for movement disorders. He completed his medical . There are some medications such as Mysoline® (primidone) and Inderal (propranolol) that can be used along with benzodiazepines.

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In Parkinson's disease, medications containing L-dopa (levodopa) are the most commonly used. A variety of newer medications may also be effective in the control of Parkinson's disease symptoms. In essential tremor, the beta-blocker family of drugs, which includes Inderal (propranolol) and Mysoline (primidone), may be. The mirtazipine was recommended by a movement disorder specialist I went to after getting off the primidone. He also said primidone can cause depression, which my regular neuro doc disputes. I think it's a horrible drug. When I read posts written by people on this med who describe the progression of.

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I asked because I have failed to take care of my left lately who is having mental health problems and I'm on tx and decided. I realize that it is. My mysoline for parkinsons told me mysoline for parkinsons to just take the adderall for now and then not get on bupropion. She only took adderall because it works right away and she stopped me to be used to be up and used so I can get suggestions done. I regency I will be on adderall much larger. It's probably because the.