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Just like in type 2 diabetes, people with type 1 diabetes can sometimes suffer from insulin resistance (when the insulin that's present can't perform it's work properly), and Metformin can lower your insulin requirements by helping the body make better use of the stuff — in this case coming from an injection or. Metformin may be used to lower Type 1 diabetic patients' risk of developing this complication. Findings of the clinical trial are published today in the journal, Cardiovascular Diabetology. This follows previous laboratory work at Newcastle University which explored the mechanism behind metformin.

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Is off-label use of metformin an option for certain patients with type 1 diabetes? Although a lack of heterogeneity made meta-analysis impossible, the authors did note that both studies found a reduction in glycosylated hemoglobin A1c values when metformin was added to insulin. One of the studies also. Your GP will be able to prescribe it; when I was asking my GP to do that though she felt a bit unsure so referred me to diabetic clinic at my local hospital who were very enthusiastic about it; the nurse there, who I rate, said she thought all Type 1's should be on it. Also if you take it Lorna reduce your carb.

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