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These sites where people ask how soon after taking antabuse can I drink make me sick, maybe never because obviously you have a serious problem, are an alcoholic and that is why you were taking it . I have been taking Antabuse for 3 months mg a day I have not had any for 5 days can I drink now? You are putting yourself in serious jeopardy by drinking 12 hours after having had alcohol. All people are different but it is recommended that you not drink for from 14 - 21 days, with up to one month for some people. I took mg of Antabuse a day and then, after 5 days, tried to drink. Drank a fifth ( ml).

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Is 3 days ok to have a drink after stopping antabuse? Posted 27 Jul by angrysquirrel • 16 answers. I have taken mg of antabuse at 7am on the morning of the 23rd and mg at 7am on the morning of the 24th. Have had none since. Its now the 27th - am i safe to have a drink this afternoon? Im starting on Campral. Following a single dose Antabuse, the body may react to any amount of alcohol for up to 14 days. Plus After the first weeks of Antabuse treatment, patients are usually given a single daily dose of mg. After all, alcoholism is not only a drinking problem, it's also a thinking and social problem.

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