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Posted 2 years ago. I took mg of tramadol hours ago am I ok to take 30mg of morphine? That is the maximum recommended dose of morphine, and opiates should not be taken with the opioid tramadol. That's the official line. If you You can take more tramadol if you are still in pain up to a max of mg in a day. Tramadol does not cause respiratory depression like morphine. It is recommended that tramadol should be avoided in patients with history of opiate addiction. Tramadol and morphine belong to the same class of analgesics, but have these significant differences. CAN U TAKE TRAMDOL AND MORPHINE TOGETHER?

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Tramadol can reduce opioid requirements after surgery, but this may not be clinically important. Multimodal analgesic regimens use combinations of different analgesic drugs, methods to reduce pain after operation, or both while decreasing morphine use and its associated adverse effects.1 This approach. There is no reason to believe that a tramadol-morphine combination should be a first-line choice in major surgical procedures as proposed by Webb and Leong, as other potent analgesic drugs such as nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs and paracetamol are available. They can be combined with either morphine or.

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