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Revel Concerta F12 loudspeaker. Kalman Rubinson | Jul 23, I am a Revel junkie. Their Ultima Studios have been my reference loudspeakers for years, Like earlier Revels, though, the F12s slid neatly from their cartons, and were among the easiest floorstanding speakers to unpack and set up that I've dealt with. So when Revel introduced the Concerta line with the F12s, reviewed here, everyone including this reviewer took notice with nervous anticipation. Read a review of Revel's Ultima Studio2 speakers here. Check out audiophile floorstanding speaker reviews from the likes of Revel, B&W.

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Description. Concerta Series, 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker. Frequency Response. In-room response: ±dB from 58Hz to 18kHz Low-frequency extension: –10dB @ 28Hz Bandwidth: –6dB @ 40Hz and 45kHz. Crossover Frequencies. 3-Way, high-order @ Hz and kHz. Finishes. Black ash (Cherry discontinued. Revel's budget Concerta range is essentially a multichannel package, but it also involves several options, and includes two stereo pairs - a compact M12 standmount and this large £per-pair F12 floorstander. It's not exactly what one would call a pretty loudspeaker, as it's far larger than all the other.

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