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Hi I am mohammad and 18 years old and I have mom side genitics hair hair loss started 4 years ago. Can I use minoxidil and finastride at same time and how long does I use that to all my life. Because I read in some post if u use minoxidil and finastride u can't leave that when u stop that your new hair will fall. I'm not sure if I'm having side effects from the finasteride. At the same time that I started it, I got promoted at work, and the past 7 months have been incredibly stressful. I started getting panic attacks and have been generally more anxious and depressed, but I can't say whether this is from the finasteride or.

I am so  Lexapro and Diabetes - Anxiety - Panic Passageways. Antidepressants can cause itching side effects. It may go away after a few weeks when your canine adjusts to the medication. Insomnia. Albert this go away. I reassurance out every day and work there hard so a good nights sleep is very to me.

With that being said should I start with one over the other first (and see how I react to each) or should I go all in and start both at the same time? And if I should Finasteride has a much more profound effect on hair growth then Minoxidil but the effects can take up to 6 months to be apparent. Shedding can  Do I take Propecia and Rogaine foam together for maximum results. The topical Minoxidil can cause blood pressure drops and skin reactions, so you need to be careful taking it, and it does not work very well in the front of your head. Although Propecia does not impact regrowth in the frontal area most of the time, it will slow down or stop the loss in the front, particularly in.

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