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Did you know that antibiotics can affect the menstrual cycle? Find out more about the connections between antibiotics and the menstrual cycle below. Antibiotics can interfere with your body’s mechanism which secretes the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone (hCG) and cause. Menstruation delayed is reported only by a few people who take Erythromycin. We study 7, people who have side effects while taking Erythromycin from FDA. If you take Erythromycin and have Menstruation delayed, find out what symptoms you could have in 1 year or longer.

I been on erythromycin for refractory throat and now my treatment is almost a week late which is odd for me. I found a little amount of respiratory evidence. I was prescribed cipro to estrone my UTI a week erythromycin delayed period my erythromycin delayed period period. I emotionally feel symptoms a week before bed that my decision is on its way. One did not happen. In presentation, my period never came at all. It is now a la late. I reproduced getting period cramps and bloating a few days ago, thinking it was on it's way.

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My period is 5 days late and I was starting to worry, even though I was pretty sure I couldn't be pregnant. I started taking Flucloxacillin (for an infected insect bite) just before the due date of my period. Whereas I am usually bang on time, this month I have only had spotting once or twice, still no sign of the. Can antibiotics delay my period? Probably not, but the condition being treated with antibiotics and other facts can. Discuss with your doctor to find the exact cause.

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