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When Friday hit - my ovulation day I was having alot of pain! I woke up with just some mild discomfort however after intercourse today I am in a lot of pain. My lower abdomen seems really swollen and my belly is bloated. I also woke through the night and had spells today of nausea. Wondering if anyone. I just started my first cycle of Clomid and now ovulating. I haven't had any side effects but now I have extreme bloating.

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Sorry to post another question on here. Last month was my first on Clomid (given to boost as I already ovulate) and for about two days before ovulation I was very bloated and tender. I didn't worry as I knew this was a possible side effect, but I looked at the instructions when I started to take the second round. My first round of Clomid I got what I was pretty sure was OHSS symptoms (pain and tenderness in lower abdomen and crazy bloating) at around 6DPO, and from what I read that's when the OHSS symptoms start. And I had a big follie that month, it was at 23mm when they checked but I didn't O (ovulation) for.

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