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I didn't experience any spotting or heavier periods on Spiro, when I still had my period. Obviously no period since I started the continuous BCPs. Not saying you should go on continuous BCPs, but I just figured I'd mention it. Side note: If you have any questions about birth control pills that we can't answer. The question is, whether the irregularity is due to stopping birth control or increasing the dose of the spironolactone. I have read that increased doses ( mg or higher) tend to increase the likelihood of having irregular menstruation. I have spoken to my doctor and she said it could be caused by either  Irregular Bleeding From Spironolactone.

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Spironolactone causes irregular periods in 80 %. +3. Approximately 80 % of women who use the hair loss medication spironolactone will develop irregular periods. If the medication is stopped menstrual cycles return to the original patterns, but this may take a few months. It's important to speak to your physician about. Aldactone or Spiro as it is often called on this board is a diuretic that was once used to treat high blood pressure. They discovered that It may make you have more frequent periods. There are theories (not proven that I can find) that it may cause breast cancer because it increases estrogen in you body.

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