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A total of drugs ( brand and generic names) are known to interact with warfarin. major drug interactions ( brand and generic names); moderate drug interactions ( brand and generic names); minor drug interactions ( brand and generic names). Show all medications in the database that. Nearly 30 million prescriptions are written annually for the vitamin K antagonist that has been the mainstay anticoagulant treatment for patients with atrial fibrillation and other cardiac arrhythmia conditions. It is important for patients on warfarin to maintain a consistent level of the drug in their body in order for.

Selected warfarin like-drug interactions. Lengthens many of the typical agents, however, there may be some people. Decreased effect (lower INR) | Rated INR/Potentiation | Drug-food interactions | Agents that may give bleeding risk. «Back. WARFARIN Overall INTERACTIONS1,2. The seines in this table are warfarin main drug interactions appropriately warfarin main drug interactions with loss of INR undisturbed in patients already established on warfarin. This list is not exhaustive - rage to the Day INR should be bad as detailed below. Those drugs highlighted in bold are reported interactions and should be.

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Drug Interaction Classification Systems. Significance Rating (A), Criteria, Management Rating (B), Criteria. 0, Not listed, 0, Not listed. 1, Severity - Major: The effects are potentially life-threatening or capable of causing permanent damage. Documentation: interaction is suspected, probable or established, 1, Avoid. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are commonly co-prescribed with warfarin and may be an important independent risk factor for major bleeding. • Injury to gastrointestinal mucosa: This interaction is intuitive yet sometimes overlooked. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs cause dose-and duration-dependent.

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