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How to avoid overdosing on Vicodin and what are the signs and symptoms of an overdose? What treatment options are available after an  ‎Symptoms and Signs of · ‎What Causes an Overdose? · ‎How to Avoid Overdosing. Vicodin overdose can be lethal if not treated quickly. Learn the signs of an overdose and what treatment options are available to recover from.

Re: Ones: Connection between Imitrex, Manner, and Sleep. «Reply 3 on: October 11,PM». Sevgi, I am not talking with Imitrex, but I do take 5HTP ( mg) most every morning as a similar aid. It was first introduced to me by my ND during therapy-menopause sign of overdosing on vicodin my hormone levels. Those medications could combine with 5-HTP to make serotonin syndrome, a dangerous condition joined by mental changes, hot flashes, rapidly fluctuating blood pressure and heart rate, and then coma.

The onset and intensity of overdose symptoms depend on how much Vicodin the user has taken, the presence of other substances in the body, the user's history. This can cause a range of symptoms, as minor as stomach pain or as serious as a coma. Vicodin overdose needs to be treated immediately in.

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