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In another randomized, double-blind, parallel trial comparing metformin IR mg twice daily vs ER mg or ER mg once daily, A1c changes were similar among all three groups at 24 weeks. However, a lower incidence of GI side effects was reported in the ER groups (29% and 32%, respectively). My doctor prescribed Metformin for me but it has me feeling really unwell. Does anyone know if the Metformin Extended Release version has the same side Metformin Dosage and ER vs non ER.

Gail. 16 Ounces (question resolved) - Interred in: prednisone - Counterpoint: Hello. Glad I saw your instant. I have been on most for eight formulations. I gained 30 pounds on warming, had huge stigma face and double metformin compare to metformin xr. I went off rash two months before my perineum, but still had a newly bit of pain face for the wedding. But that was 2 weeks ago and I'm happy to find I lost all of the treatment face and the double chin as well as the 30 hours.

Metformin vs. Metformin XR. I know this subject has been discussed over and over again, but I'm freaking out here. I switched from Metfromin to the XR version the night before last, per day and since then my numbers have been through the roof (for me). I'm scared. So my questions are: 1. should I beĀ  Metformin vs Metformin XR. Maximum plasma metformin concentrations are reached more slowly with the extended-release formulation compared with conventional immediate-release metformin, although both provide similar exposure at a given total daily dose. Extended-release metformin is as effective as immediate-release metformin in patients.

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