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So, if I start going off zoloft slowly while I'm trying to conceive and am not able to get pregnant right away (at least within 2 months or so of stopping) then there's no telling how long I'd have to be off it before I could get pregnant and I have no idea if my panic will come back or not. I think I can handle it though. I rather wait longer to TTC than to take the risk of conceiving while on it." That is why I refused to be medicated. I knew I would want to start TTC when I found out our results were negative. Are you going to slowly lower your dose first? I was on anti-depressants years ago, and just stopped taking them because they had a.

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No information is available for this page. "Do I need to stop taking antidepressants if I'm trying to conceive?" And can antidepressants harm my baby once I do get pregnant?" in close contact with your practitioner and/or therapist, who can steer you to the safest type and dose of antidepressants should you need to stay on your meds once you do get pregnant.

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