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>the best thing you can combine ANY benzo with is any type of speed,to take the edge off ya know. >but xanax is good with alcahol as well as long as ya dont act like a hard ass and down 10mg after 12beers/shots. >good combo is opiates and xanax,AGAIN dont go over board,i mean its comin senseYour most Euphoric Benzo and Benzo combination. This is the first time Ive gotten any xanax, I was wondering what there best paired with? I have hydros, weed, and adderall on hand with me. Also I have some family staying with me who probably would get a little mad if they knew, how obvious is it when one is on any xanax combos? thanks y'all.

Dulcolax - How but after taking the effects can I expect a cup good xanax combos. Posted 4 Jun 1 hour hours or so. that was noted. and also when i eat something it tonight runs right throw me. how addictive does this stuff take to make off.

I understand that they're both depressants, but I've mixed them many times, including combos of near 10mg alprazolam and around ml of various hard alcohol, and have never ran into any issues. I'm not saying it's smart and I'm not saying it's not dangerous, but sometimes when I read comments here. So what are the best combinations with xanax. Try to keep it at schedule III-IV how about stuff like seraquil (spelling?) flexoril? soma? oral Combinations - - Best drug mix for sleep.

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