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6 Answers - Posted in: alopecia, prednisone - Answer: Actually, I was pulling out whole hands full of hair this morning. I Will Quinine cause alopecia or make the hair start to fall out? Posted 14 Jul Has anyone here who has hypertension issues started having a problem with hair thinning/hair loss? In her opinion, Prednisone does not typically cause hair loss. Again, in her opinion, she said it was probably brought on with the onset of the disease and/or the weight loss which caused stress. She claims that stress definitely contributes to hair loss. She pulled and tugged at my hair and looked at my hair | Polymyalgia Rheumatica and GCA | Patient.

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Hi Dazed and Confused, Yes, unfortunately, hair loss does occur on Prednisolone but when on lower dose or come off it the hair does grow back . storm an they admitted me to hospital cause it was severe an it causes your heart to have palputations an you could have a stroke or heart they put a. How many of you have experience significant hairloss after tapering Prednisone? I was on L It looks horrible – even my mom told me last month she could tell how thin my hair was. I am likely going to have to BUT, it's got to be somebody who knows how to help your scalp and not cause more damage.

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