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I got IV pain meds. and even with that it just took the edge off the pain. The next couple of days after that my knees and ankle joints were so sore I could hardly walk. You should also increase your potassium because prednisone depletes your body and low potassium can cause leg cramps. Water, Water. Yes this medication can cause this for sure!I can't take it legs were in pain and it felt I had the nausea or anything like that,but felt achiness.I hated it.I stopped taking the are suppose to contact your Doctor before doing calciocatania.infoI just couldn't take it face didn't swell,but.

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Why would high-dose, short-term steroids cause pain (joint pain or burning paresthesias) during or shortly after the treatment course? What can be done to prevent or alleviate steroid-related pain? A variety of steroid withdrawal symptoms can be seen in patients. If someone has chronic joint pain (particularly hips, knees and ankles) after using prednisone -- Please see an orthopedic Dr. and have an MRI to determine if you have AVN. Early intervention can help save someone's ability to walk. Don't believe the myth that only long-term prednisone use causes bone problems.

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