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Went back down to 15mg and I've been doing okay, only having a bit of anxiety in the morning. Up until now I was seeing my family doctor but I saw a psychiatrist today and he wants me to take mg in the morning now. Does anyone else take it in the morning?? Scared I won't be able to function. I have been taking 15mg mirtazapine at bed time. It certainly helps me sleep. This week, I will be increasing the dose to 30mg. From what I hear, 30mg will have a more stimulative effect than 15mg. So I'm trying to determine whether I'd be better off taking the 30mg dose in the morning rather than in the evening. Thanks for.

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Hi! I believe I can be of help with this issue. The most common way Remeron is taken is at bedtime. The half life of Remeron is about days depending on the person's weight, etc. This means that after about a day or so half of the drug is out of the system. So the medication dosage is geared toward the. [Archive] Just started taking Mirtazapine Zispin / mirtazapine. Day 8 - 15mg pm Slept better, anxiety levels felt more manageable although quite high in the morning thats all for now will The drowsiness will lessen as the mirtazapine begins to kick in and your depression will start to lift. Do not.

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