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But of course we know that there are probably two to three times that many males undergoing SRS every year, so this is obviously a fantastically too-small result. Most psychiatrists don't even have a clue that these many successful transitioners even exist! The history and subculture surrounding transgender people in Singapore is substantial. Perhaps the explanation is at an even more mundane level. The community also seems out of touch with what goes on in the real world of transsexual therapy and surgeries, or even simply what goes on on the streets in our own society. There is far less information available on trans menthat is female-to-male transgender people, as they are much less visible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Again, that's a ridiculously low number, and is clearly off by about a factor of about

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex or Asexual (LGBTQIA)?

For example, the presence of thousands of thrown-away and run-away transgender and transsexual teenagers in the large inner-cities in the U. The bottom line is that transsexualism is at least two orders of magnitude more prevalent than previously recognized by the U. But why would transsexual women not want to believe these new numbers? Lynn speculates that this concept of "great rarity" endows some TS women with a sense of "specialness" that helps counter the embarrassment and humiliation they feel when coming out. The approximate prevalence of muscular dystrophy is 1:

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In general, transsexuals that look like cisgender females have a much higher chance of being exempted. Some fraction of the "transgender" crossdressers moving through this community will go on to "transition", and take on a full-time social role as women. No comprehensive federal equality act exists yet, so you will have to make a substantial argument based on the law in your jurisdiction. Sanity-checking the claim that the psychiatrists' numbers are way off: In other words, those appear to be likely lower bounds on the "intrinsic" prevalence of such transitions if we started with young people right now and went forward into a time that is much more open to and supportive of such transitions than the past decades. Thus the possibility that transsexualism is times as common as they previously thought came as a great shock to them.

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