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If the commentary isn't enough for you, you also get a trailer and picture quality that is quite good for a film of this age and budget. This time she wants to know why Angela never takes showers when the other girls do I know why! Let's just say the curling iron was shoved up a very intimate area and most assuredly used for purposes it was never intended for. Now, for the piece de resistance, give the film one of the most jaw-dropping endings in horror cinema. The audience member asked, "Was that easy to do? Alan is just as annoying and mean as everyone else, and yet when the camp gangs up on him and shoots spit balls at him or yells at him to stop making flamethrowers out of lighters and spray cans, he starts complaining that everyone is picking on him because "he's different.

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This is called homophobia, not homoeroticism!

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The Mysterious Mr. Hiltzik

The effects I had planned would have gotten it into theaters. Known for having a shocking surprise ending, Sleepaway Camp is an 80's slasher that has gathered a huge cult following over the years. Next up, Ricky and the boys play a rousing game of softball. Such distractions are welcome indeed, because when Sleepaway Camp focuses on something other than the rapidly growing pile of corpses, the movie nearly grinds to a halt. While I'm pretty sure every horror fan knows about the twist ending to this flick, in case you don't, I'm not going to spoil it for you. The whole unsettling framework of Sleepaway Camp is supported by themes of homosexuality, pedophilia, sexual identity issues, and the slaughtering of very young teenage, and in some cases, preteen victims. But Karen Fields came in, and there was just a certain quality to her bitchiness.

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Not long after arriving, a series of accidents begin occurring. Another horrible horror movie that we couldn't stop laughing at. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The film then descends into slasher film madness. Email required Address never made public. Events speed up at the close, and the film's notorious twist ending is done rather quickly and very effectively, for maximum impact. Now throw into the mix some acting that is either outright bad or sublimely hammy and scenery-chewing.

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