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Stigma, prejudice, discrimination and health. Assessing the current state of transgender medical education The actual quantification of curricular hours devoted to transgender health must be extrapolated from the small number of studies that looked at LGBTQ health as a whole. Although discrimination against transgender people is an issue across the globe, Malaysia is unique in that it has a sizable transgender population. Moreover, certain specialties that have more exposure to medical issues unique to transgender people may express less discriminatory attitudes than those who have no exposure at all. Curricular time, patient exposure, and comfort caring for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients among recent medical graduates. Directory of sites.

physician specialists in transgender issues
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Educational exposure to transgender patient care in plastic surgery training.

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Victimization and depressive symptomology in transgender adults: Tebbe EN, Moradi B: To be fair, medical schools have a lot to cover and have to prioritize their curriculum to what future doctors are most likely to deal with.

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Graduate medical education of transgender health topics should also be standardized in this way but will likely vary by which transgender health topics are most relevant to each specialty eg, hormone therapy for primary care and gender-affirming procedures for urology.

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