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Tragically, the return home only exacerbated his spiral into depression; he and his father quarrelled bitterly, and Gaye threatened suicide on a number of occasions. Got To Give It Up. It's believed by Gaye's siblings that his death was a "premeditated suicide ". Marvin Gaye receives special plaque from Ms. Views Read Edit View history. After searching over his bedroom, Irene located it under his pillow.

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Marvin Gaye receives special plaque from Ms.

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Lost Album From Marvin Gaye To Be Released By Motown

I was standing about eight feet away from Marvin, when my husband came to the door of the bedroom with his pistol. Dyson, Eric Michael An AllMusic writer later cited it as " After relocating to Chicago, the Moonglows recorded a series of singles for Chess, including 's "Mama Loocie. This entry is from Wikipediathe user-contributed encyclopedia.

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I thought I was going to get hurt. Let's Get It On Reissue. After the first shot, Frankie initially thought it sounded like a car backfired. Retrieved December 23, VH1 listed Gaye's death as the eighth most shocking moment in rock and roll. What's Going On About Marvin Gaye One of the most gifted, visionary, and enduring talents ever launched into orbit by the Motown hit machine, Marvin Gaye blazed the trail for the continued evolution of popular black music.

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