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Richard J. That's it. I do well going back and forth between Deaf and hearing worlds. Today, I have some close friends who are deaf, but again, most of my daily friends and acquaintances are hearing. Often, this includes stereotypical behavior, behaviors that audiences can easily identity with. I would always tell people I was deaf, but not always that I was gay, I just was. Think twice before attacking Pelosi.

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I was excited from the outset, because I knew this was going to be something special.

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GPAC works to make sure that no one should be discriminated against simply because of who they choose to love. Los Angeles, California. House to vote on amendment to defund Trump trans military ban. Karmen Ratkovic:

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So when Deaf West announced it, my very first thought was this show is perfect for Deaf West because the show is about miscommunication, that barrier between adults and children, how everything gets lost in translation.

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