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The comment s below were originally left at Talk: Jesse Mccartney's favorite color is orange and he has a cat named oliver. From a secular point of view I understand. God didn't create any she-males. When homosexuals blur the lines and encourage others to blur the lines in support of the homosexual movement, it is a sin and destructive to society. Oh, there was a very public thingwithout naming names. The very first of all of God's commandments is to love God and worship Him.

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The name Abraham can be found in some sources, but as far as I know it has never been confirmed or denied.

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Jesse McCartney is gay. Proof.

Please understand that I'm not saying that Jesse McCartney is a homosexual. Hes used that name for credits before, but thats not his middle name. I wish I could get rid of every TV set in America. Unisex is of the Devil. The first five deal with man's relationship to God. It was tragic and unprecedented when the state of New York legalized same-sex marriages in July of

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Then, I came back with a really positive mindset and this came along. Yeah, I wanted to act because I did theater as a kid, but when I started modeling, it just got me so comfortable in front of the camera. I would be at a party. This is why Jesus said upon these two commandments hang all the Law and all the prophets; namely, love God with all thy mind, heart and soul; and the second is like unto the first, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. God didn't create any she-males.

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