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Krafft-Ebing criticised several objections to medical treatment of homosexuality, including the charges that it was ineffective and that it gave an opportunity "to tainted individuals to propagate their perversions".

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Where would the gay circuit scene be without Frankie Knuckles, the Bronx-born DJ and producer who helped establish House music?

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Years from now movies will be made about Aleppo and Syria and they will win awards and we will wonder why we didn't do more.

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While Playa Del Carmen is smaller than Cancun, it does have more to offer to gay travelers.

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The stalls had been reinforced with steel panels that extend to the ground to prevent any interactions.

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Anyway, when you've seen pictures of Dom tonging Viggo Mortensen and laying a big wet one on Orlando Bloom, this seems pretty tame in comparison.

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