Gay pride parade in portland

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This is the 12th year of a Latino gay pride event; we adopted the term Latinx to be more inclusive and gender neutral, and made the event all ages last year. Anyone with a bike can ride, but organizers ask that people wear a helmet and bright clothing for safety and noise-makers for fun. We're living in the age of Trump, we're living in the age of MeToo. Mike Michaud, who recently came out as gay. I hope there is. The ride will go to Monument Square, where the Dyke March will start.

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Mercury Ticketing Buy tickets to events around Portland.

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Portland 2019 Annual Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade

Celebrate Love, Portland Style! We had the first Dyke March in June of at Pride. I remember my mom freaked out because she's an evangelical Christian and was mortified. Plus we've got your weekend covered with a variety of events including theater, comedy, concerts and more. Share on Google Plus.

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She was like, "We need to talk about this. I feel like that's one of the mechanisms behind gay pride and the Dyke March, and anything that's outwardly queer right now. Heather Steeves tries to do things that are fun -- and only things that are fun. I feel like we're at a crux right now of being able to have those things rise up and say, "No, we're not going to allow them to happen," or just lying down and taking it and becoming Trump's America. But decades before taking the stage, she was agitating in the Portland streets, making lesbian experiences visible and demanding equal rights for the queer community.

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