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You get the impression that the cast, including Brooks, have finally got the balance needed to make the oddball script work. Around this time, I also saw Kiss of the Spider Woman. The Phoenix just had a triumph with Thrill Mea two-actor, and one piano, musical about Leopold and Loebwhich starred its author, Stephen Dolginoff. BUA did it again; they were just recently the first theatre company to do McNally's newest play, Some Menafter it closed on Broadway. Though not a superstar, he is a prosperous character actor whose credits range from television commercials to Broadway shows. This role could have been a cartoon, instead Lithgow becomes this character. Because I was having coming out issues of my own at the time, that film might have been too much then for little old me.

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To do so in this time of uncertainty and misunderstanding, they fear, would only further jeopardize their careers.

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Brooks' comedies are brilliant and this is one I highly recommend. There are only a few groaners, a few eye raisers and many genuine laughs, a few of them worthy of a Danny Thomas spit take. The refugees flee thanking God and Moses. Was this review helpful? The couple's names were Ed and Howard. The legendary Spike Milligan upstages Brooks with his small role in the film.

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My favorite was "The Inquisition" song. Today, though, he plays primarily gay roles. We have almost twenty professional theatre companies. The 90s was also a time when many queer films were no longer just about being queer. My vote is seven. Otherwise, it would still be fresh, today. But the current permissiveness is no excuse for films that aim for the lowest common denominator - a raunchy gay teen comedy is just as dumb as a raunchy straight teen comedy.